1. What kind of internet connection is required to view virtual publications?
Any! although a DSL / Broadband connection is recommended.
2. Do I need to download any software to my PC to view vCatalog publications?
No! vCatalog solutions is 100% web based.
3. Can I edit the publication after i uploaded it?
You can replace the whole publication at any time in any of our prudacts starting from Virtual Brocure, to change spesific pages in your publications you need at least Virtual Catalog Account to do so.
4. Can we brand the interface with our company colors and logos?
Yes you can!! eigther your flash developer will do the work or you can out source it to us.
5. Will it work well on different screens and setups?
vCatalog products can resize to any screen resolution!! you can integrate your vCatalog in several ways: embed it in your site, popup window or standalone window.
6. My business is fairly small, can I afford this?
Not only can you afford it, but we can actually SAVE you money where compared to print and postage. Added to this the increase in sales and traffic to your website, and you're left asking "how can I afford to be without this?"
7. The technology looks very promising and exciting, can I sell it too?
Yes, we offer a reseller package which is every bit as flexible as all of our other offerings. You can work from a trade price list, you can simply pass clients to us for a finders fee, or you can take a percentage of the retail/project price."
8. Who is doing the hosting ? What is your server spec?
We do!! we are now in proccess moving to AWS Amazon new Cloud Computing solution, which means you are going to enjoy the best scaleable and distributed solution out there.
9. How do I start?
You simply upload a PDF file by clicking on Upload PDF, we will convert it for you and send you a link to your trail version, then you have a 7 days trial, then in any given time you can active your publication.

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