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General Information
Number of publications 1 1 1 Upon Demand
Pages per publication 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Page Views / month 5,000 50,000 200,000 Upon Demand
vNavigator – Navigation
Cool page turning effect
Turn pages via control bar
Page input field navigation
Keyboard arrows navigation
Page corners click navigation
Table of Contents gallery
Auto Links - URL navigation
Smart Links - Page or URL navigation add-onadd-onadd-on
Archive navigate between publications add-onadd-onadd-on
Image-based list of Advertisers add-on
vNavigator – Zoom
Up to 600% High Quality Zoom
Drag base Zoom
Zoom Bar with plus and minus buttons
Center catalog button
Full-Page Viewer with navigation
vNavigator – Pages
JPG Pages
PNG Pages
SWF Pages
Smart Overlays Support
vNavigator – Modules
Download PDF
Save pages
Print pages
Go Full Screen
Invite friend
Contact us form
vNavigator – Add-Ons
Auto Links
Basic Forms
Google & vCatalog Tracking System 30$ / year30$ / year30$ / year
Archive 30$ / year30$ / year30$ / year
Smart Links Overlay 30$ / year30$ / year
Video Overlay 30$ / year30$ / year
Banner Overlay 30$ / year
List of Advertisers 30$ / year
Admin Console – Overview
Basic Statistics
Your Web Integration Methods
Account Upgrade
Add Modules
Admin Console – Publications Management
Convert PDF to new Publication
Add empty Publication and fill it
Delete Publication
Reload deleted Publications
Set Publication configuration
Reorder Publications
Set Publication direction RTL or LTR
Admin Console – vNavigator Configuration
Change catalog skins and styles
Change catalogs paper color
Set catalog page width and height
Dynamic page forward caching
Set active grab area
Set page slope
Set edge and corner size sensitivity
Set normal and large images path
Set thumbnail images path
Optional hard-cover
Toggle animation pages on turn
Toggle animation current page index
Toggle corner tease
Toggle resizable pages
Admin Console – Page Managment
Add & Remove Pages
Set Page Configuration
Table of Content Builder
List of Advertisers Builder add-on
Manage Smart Link Overlay add-onadd-on
Manage Video Overlay add-onadd-on
Manage Banner Overlay add-on
Admin Console – Manage Your Modules
Toggle Zoom on/off
Toggle invite friend button on/off
Toggle subscribe button on/off
Arrows navigation interface on/off
Toggle table of contents on/off
Toggle advanced zoomer on/off
Toggle print pages button on/off
Toggle save pages button on/off
Toggle contact us form on/off
And More ...
Admin Console – File Manager
Add Files (pages, videos, banners...)
Delete Files
List Your publication Files