The following terms apply to vCatalog


A license at vCatalog Publications ApS allows you to use the vCatalog Publications viewing tool for pdf’s. Buying a vCatalog Publications license automatically gives you the right to publish your material on the internet. The first time you buy a license you automatically buy 1 year of hosting. The hosting fee is included in the price of the license. When the license expires after one year the customer will be charged with the same license subscription updated amount. 45 days before expiration of the 12 months license subscription, the license is renewed for a 12 months unless the subscription is cancelled according to paragraph 7 in this document.

In consumer relations there is a right to annul online orders, which gives the customer the right to annul his order 14 days after ordering. Online publications are however unique and will be produced and fitted individually. Considering quick deliverance of an order, vCatalog Publications ApS will normally begin production and creation immediately after having received the order. By buying a license the customer automatically accepts the cancellation of any right to annul as soon as vCatalog Publications ApS has initiated the production of the order.


Purchasing a license either via vCatalog Publications or via one of vCatalog Publications' suppliers gives the right to upload and convert number of catalogs according to the license they bought.


A licence is permanent. The purchase of the first license and registration as a customer includes hosting for 12 months. The fee for the next 12 months will be invoiced at the start of the period.


vCatalog Publications accepts no responsibility for the uploaded material. If any material contravenes copyright rules, is offensive or for other reasons found unsuitable, it will be deleted and the customer informed. The licence fee will not be refunded.


As a starting point, free traffic and therefore showing of the uploaded publications are free. However, if a publication puts such a load on the servers that the speed is affected, vCatalog Publications reserves the right to remove the relevant publication or invoice the customer for the extraordinary operating cost. This shall come into force if vCatalog Publications' traffic costs for the individual publication exceed 10 times the licence fee. The licence fee will not be refunded in connection with the removal of the publication.


There is full operational reliability in line with other hosting services, but the server will at times be down for short periods in connection with e.g. updates or unforeseen circumstances. vCatalog Publications will of course do its best to ensure that the publications always function perfectly. vCatalog Publications accepts no responsibility for up-time and thus cannot be held responsible for any down-time.


The user is responsible for correct uploading. The website contains detailed guidelines and vCatalog Publications therefore shall not be held liable for errors and omissions in the publications. The license fee will not be refunded in connection with incorrect uploads. In the case of errors in vCatalog Publications’ system, e.g. in connection with the PDF-conversion, the fee is not refunded, but the customer will receive a voucher code corresponding to one free license.


The customer’s use of vCatalog Publications is in every respect on the customer’s own responsibility. vCatalog Publications accepts no responsibility for the content, including the correctness, legality, quality, etc. of the information received or provided by the customer via the Internet. vCatalog Publications thus shall not be liable for loss – either direct or indirect, infringement of incorporeal rights or other circumstances that arise as a result of the use of information found on the Internet. vCatalog Publications likewise shall not be liable for loss as a result of lack of access to services or information on the Internet, regardless of the reason for this lack of access. vCatalog Publications accepts no responsibility for the loss of data of any kind, including loss or damage of installed software, etc. vCatalog Publications furthermore accepts no responsibility for unauthorized access to customer data or systems or damage arising as a result. The customer shall be responsible for any costs arising in relation to the ordering of services via the Internet and the use of Internet payment systems. The exemptions of liability contained in these terms of business shall apply even if vCatalog Publications has acted in a grossly negligent way.


Either party may cancel the agreement entered with immediate effect. None of the payment made will be refunded. Either party may cancel the agreement with immediate effect without giving any reason. vCatalog Publications will process a customer cancellation as quickly as possible given other work commitments.


vCatalog Publications shall not be liable for downtime or any errors or omissions. vCatalog Publications disclaims any liability on the same terms as those applying to uploaded publications.



Use of customer information: As a starting point, vCatalog Publications will not reveal customer information of any kind, but accepts no responsibility if it does occur. If the customer does not wish to receive information from vCatalog Publications, the customer must state this.


Contact: vCatalog Publications does not offer telephone contact. Any questions about support are answered by email as quickly as possible and within 48 hours on weekdays.


Subscription payment: The subscription for hosting of publications is payable in advance for 12 months at a time.


Terms of payment: vCatalog Publications does not charge any fee for payments the customer makes online by credit or debit card. vCatalog Publications reserves the right to charge a fee corresponding to the associated costs for any invoices sent by post. vCatalog Publications supplies a standard product familiar to the customer and the customer therefore has no right to cancel the agreement. The payment is always made in cash via the Internet unless otherwise agreed. If the customer fails to pay at the agreed time, the customer’s publication will be deleted without any return of the uploaded material. In connection with any payments, vCatalog Publications reserves the right to deduct an amount corresponding to bank costs, currency exchange fees and administration costs associated with customer refunds.


Duration of license: As a starting point, the license is permanent and lasts until cancelled by one of the parties in accordance with the above terms.


Change of license: Once a license has been bought and paid for, it cannot be changed.


In connection with the use of the free service, vCatalog Publications reserves the right to make changes and additions to the uploaded publications. The publications can be deleted and changed at vCatalog Publications' discretion. The customer has no rights to the publication itself once it is uploaded and vCatalog Publications disclaims any responsibility in relation to the content and position of uploaded publications.


vCatalog Publications reserves the right to free use of the statistical data gathered in connection with the use of the uploaded publications. vCatalog Publications also reserves the right to pass this information on to third parties.


Surrender: In connection with the sale or other surrender of all or significant parts of vCatalog Publications' activities or assets, vCatalog Publications shall be entitled to surrender all or part of the customer’s licenses and vCatalog Publications' rights and obligations under the terms of business to a third party without the customer’s consent.


Updates: vCatalog Publications regularly updates the publication tool at no notice. vCatalog Publications accepts no responsibility for any associated changes, losses, errors or omissions.


Third party faults and force majeure: In addition to the above, vCatalog Publications shall never be liable for interruptions, interferences, faults, damage, etc. due to circumstances beyond vCatalog Publications' control, including lightning strike, flooding, fire, strike, war, acts of terrorism, stoppage or lockout (also if these involve vCatalog Publications' own employees), Internet overload, faults in other organizations' network, third party faults, system breakdown, other force majeure incidents, etc.


Applicable law and legal venue: Any disputes and disagreements shall exclusively be settled at the ordinary Israel courts pursuant to Israel law (with the exception of Israel legislation’s rules concerning applicable law).

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