Getting your PDF ready to go

Creating a good PDF for web is a bit defrent from creating if for are some got finger rules:

Don't use Spreads - The conversion cannot yet handle spreads, so the PDF file must consist of single pages only

Even page numbers - The pdf file must have an even number of pages, otherwise a blank page will automatically be inserted in the back of the publication.

Same size - The pages has to be the same size, otherwise all the pages will be converted to the first page size.

Recommended dip for bitmaps - vCatalog converts your PDF to Vector graphics swfs, if you are using bitmap data images in your pages it is recommended that you will save them in 100-150 dpi for a fester page loading experience.

Your Kingdom, Your Style:

vCatalog gives you out of the box styles to use in your publication, more ever vCatalog can give you the style files to be edited by your flash developer, or you can out source this assignment to us.

Add flash pages to your publication

Starting from Virtual Catalog Account any one can add his own swf files to the publication, use this ability to enrich your issue and make the WOW effect bigger!!

Add Videos to your publication

to increase the user experience add videos to your pages!! a picture is worth a thousand words!!

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